Face Capture & Comparison System

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Based on visible light recognition technology, automatically capture facial images from video scene, digital model analysis of captured human face, gain face character, transmit to back-end face comparison system(optional) via network.

1. Applied with embedded DSP equipment, running stably, connected with simulative camera by BNC interface, more compatible.
2. Automatic analysis and capture effective facial image in natural light.
3. High speed, 10PCS facial images per 1 second.
4. Automatic detect human face from video scene, capture facial images and transmit to back end.
5. Intelligent analysis can be monitored in real time. The results will be stored in the Server or provided to third-party via middleware.
6. The intelligent analysis recording files can be played by FIRS player to show the result.
7. Besides traditional video monitoring function, it will automatically detect face, take and record facial images, for the purpose of face searching, black/white list comparison.
8. Abundant hardware interfaces such as RS232/485. RJ45. USB. SD
9. Workable with FIRS back-end face comparison system, supervised facial arming system
10. Providing standard SDK interface protocol, easy for equipment integration.

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