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Figg Excel Accounting Solutions

Download the figg Excel Accounting system now and begin working in 5 minutes. figg Excel Accounting Solutions offers a suite of MS Excel based accounting templates that delivers incredible output with mimimal input from you. These high value products are offered on a trial or monthly rental basis or can be purchased online at

figg Excel Accounting Solutions have developed a suite of accounting products in MS Excel that make it South Africa’s easiest to use accounting system for small business.

They offer small businesses an accounting system developed in MS Excel which requires minimal input giving high output. The products incorporate accounting for business and personal expenses in one system giving the business owner the control that they need.

A 50% time saving on admin is the reason why many entrepreneurs are turning to figg Excel Accounting Solutions for their business management needs. This system developed in MS Excel, provides business owners with a low input high output tool that automatically gives them full financial management reporting, monthly VAT figures Search and Filter functionality.

Low input high output, value for money business management solution. These Microsoft approved MS Excel developed products are easily downloadable from our site and come standard with full examples for some products, video tutorials and online support.

It is a Microsoft Approved MS Excel based Accounting system aimed at Small Business Owners. In 4 simple steps, entrepreneurs will have access to full and flexible financial reporting, VAT figures and Search and Filter functionality on all transactions.

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Phone: 27834424689
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Office Address: Pretoria, , Pretoria, Gauteng

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