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Child Locator Tracking Devices - An indispensable device when your family\'s safety is your number one priority
Our Child Locator Tracking Devices are the answer to GPS tracking for children. It can help prevent child abductions or wandering that can lead to a lost or missing child. Once you\'ve set up your DiyTracker child locator device, you can pack the kids off to school and watch their progress at home on your PC or mobile phone, you get to see where they are on an on-screen map in the playground, in a classroom or even at the mall with friends. If you set up a boundary around the school playground and the route to and from school, you\'ll get an alert if they leave the school. You will be able to see, for instance, if your child came straight home. This is great, too, for school trips or when they are out with friends. It\'s even good when the rest of the family go out, you can tell where they\'ve been, where they are and when they are making their way home.

Tracker DIY offers you the following Tracking and Monitoring Solutions:

Child and Person Tracking
Private Vehicle Tracking
Motorcycle Tracking
Fleet Light Tracking (Small Business Solutions)
Complete Fleet Management Solution
Equipment, Plant and Machinery Tracking
Fuel Saving
Tyre Pressure Monitoring
Temperature Monitoring and Management
Road Tanker Monitoring and Tracking

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Office Address: , Johannesburg, Gauteng

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